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We provide cutting edge technology to the clients, helping them in the area of Simulation and trajectory optimization for aerospace applications

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Software based Simulation

Software based simulation plays a major role in the aerospace industry, from design of vehicle configuration to assessment of vehicle and its subsystem performance in the flight. Challenge is the development of a simulation test bed with highest granularity and features to plug in subsystem models to test them in low level standalone mode to multi-level integrated testing.

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Simulation Test Bed

Test bed to simulate the six degrees of freedom motion is an integral part of aerospace vehicle design and development. A configurable test bed with plug and play features helps the subsystem designers to test their design in standalone mode and in integrated mode with one or more than one subsystem. Test bed with real time features and hardware interfaces provides a cost effective and time efficient integrated in loop simulation of hardware and flight software.

Our Products

SPACELABS’s products are primarily designed for aerospace sector where perfection and precision are the primary needs. Simple design, user friendly features and quality outputs keep our products distinct in the market. Quality and reliability are taken care in every stage of product evolution. Our products cater to Launch Vehicles, Satellites, Missiles, UAV and Aircrafts. SPACELABS is also committed to provide an ERP based solution for data handling from initiation of mission design to launch and post flight analysis


AeroSpace TRAjectory optimizer

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Aerospace Simulator -6 DOF

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Aerospace Simulator -6 DOF Real-Time

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Simulator and Optimizer for Orbital Studies

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We provide mission based services for aerospace vehicles from conceptualization to realization.

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